14 Romantic Movies Coming Out in 2023 That Need to Be on Your Watchlist

14 Romantic Movies Coming Out in 2023 That Need to Be on Your Watchlist

If you've hit play on just about every teen romance flick Netflix has to offer, then chances are you're looking forward to falling in love with new characters and 'ships this year. From Amazon's adaptation of Casey McQuiston's best-seller Red, White & Royal Blue to Reese Witherspoon returning to her rom-com roots beside Ashton Kutcher in Netflix's Your Place or Mine, there are plenty of movies coming up that will guarantee a good cry sesh.

Love classic high school romance à la The Summer I Turned Pretty? Bookmark this page for news on Disney+'s release date for Prom Pact, a tale of a girl who has set her sights on attending Harvard, but needs the help of a charming fellow classmate to get off the waitlist. Looking for a movie that has heart-stopping romance and action? Look no further than J.Lo's latest blockbuster, Shotgun Wedding, which sees a couple's extravagant destination wedding get hijacked by criminals. Even legendary romance songstress Celine Dion (Titanic, anyone?) pops up on this list, with the star making her acting debut in the May 2023 film, Love Again.

Grab a few blankets, pop some popcorn, and get ready to settle in with the best romantic movies 2023 has to offer.

Shotgun Wedding

When it premieres: January 27, 2023 on Prime Video

What it's about: When reluctant bride Darcy's (Jennifer Lopez) destination wedding is taken over by a band of criminals, she and her husband-to-be (Josh Duhamel) go through the ultimate couple's therapy as they work together to save their guests.

Your Place or Mine

When it premieres: February 10, 2023 on Netflix

What it's about: Long-distance best friends Debby (Reese Witherspoon) and Peter (Ashton Kutcher) live on opposites coasts of the U.S. But when they swap homes and lives for a week, the two discover the life they thought they wanted may not be the life they actually need.

Prom Pact

When it premieres: March 30, 2023 on Disney Channel, then March 31, 2023 on Disney+

What it's about: Prom season is in full swing, but Mandy (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) only cares about one thing: getting into Harvard. But when she's waitlisted, she's forced to ask the charming, popular guy named Graham (Blake Draper) — whose father has connections — for help.

Rye Lane

When it premieres: March 31, 2023 on Hulu

What it's about: This British rom-com had its premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and follows two twenty-somethings, both reeling from breakups, who have one unforgettable day in South London. Together, they help each other deal with their exes while also making themselves believe in romance again.

Beautiful Disaster

When it premieres: April 12, 2023 in theaters

What it's about: Dylan Sprouse stars in the film adaptation of Jamie McGuire's book of the same name. He plays Travis, a bad boy who continuously tries wooing good girl Abby (Virginia Gardner). After they make a bet and she loses, Abby has to spend a month at Travis's place. However, he doesn't know about her dark past that's coming back to haunt her.


When it premieres: April 21, 2023 on Apple TV+

What it's about: What would you do if the person you fell head over heels for ended up being a secret agent? That's what Cole (Chris Evans) has to figure out when he learns what Sadie's (Ana de Armas) day job is.

After only one date, the duo quickly get caught up in an international escapade to save the world. (And you thought your dating life was tough!)

A Tourist's Guide to Love

When it premieres: April 27, 2023 on Netflix

What it's about: After a travel executive goes through a breakup, she accepts an assignment to go undercover in Vietnam to learn about their tourist industry. While she's there, she begins to fall for her tour guide.

Love Again

When it premieres: May 12, 2023 in theaters

What it's about: Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays a woman struggling to move on after the death of her fiancé. To handle her grief, she begins sending messages to his old phone number, which has now been reassigned to a new man, played by Sam Heughan.

Celine Dion is not only releasing new music for this flick — but she's also making her acting debut in it.

The Little Mermaid

When it premieres: May 16, 2023 in theaters

What it's about: This long-awaited live-action version of the 1989 Disney animated classic (which you can currently stream on Disney+) is about a mermaid who strikes up a deal with a sea witch to trade her beautiful voice for legs so she can explore life above sea level. On land, she meets the handsome Prince Eric.

You Hurt My Feelings

When it premieres: May 26, 2023

What it's about: Another Sundance Film Festival premiere movie, You Hurt My Feelings is about a couple whose marriage is in trouble after a writer overhears her husband giving a brutally honest opinion of her new book.

Past Lives

When it premieres: June 2, 2023

What it's about: Like Rye LanePast Lives also had its premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Two childhood friends are torn apart after one of them and their family emigrates from South Korea to Canada. Decades later, the long-lost pals are reunited for one week, and they both find out their lives have changed drastically.


When it premieres: June 16, 2023 in theaters

What it's about: Set in Element City, where fire, water, land, and air residents live together, the story introduces the quick-witted and fiery Ember, whose friendship with the fun and laid-back Wade challenges her beliefs about the world they live in.

Irish Wish

When it premieres: TBA 2023 on Netflix

What it's about: If you liked seeing Lindsay Lohan's return to the big screen in 2022's Falling for Christmas, then you'll love her new flick.

When the best friend of Lindsay's character Maddie gets engaged to someone Maddie thinks she's destined to be with, Maddie makes a wish that ~magically~ makes her the bride-to-be.

Red, White & Royal Blue

When it premieres: TBA 2023 on Prime Video

What it's about: When Alex Claremont-Diaz — the handsome and charming Mexican-American son of the President of the United States — and Prince Henry of England's feud hits the tabloids, the two are forced to feign friendship for the sake of amicable U.S.-British relations. But the line between fiction and reality begins to blur as Alex and Henry spend more time together, discover who the other really is, and ultimately, fall in love.

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